Madingley Rise Training

NameMadingley Rise Training
TypeWed Training Night
LocationMadingley Rise
NotesRace techniques
ResultsResults Splits

=Final details

Before going to a race it is always important to read the final details. The final details are a way for the planner and organiser to communicate any important points, particularly if there is anything unusual at the race. There will be a few unusual things at training this week, so you should read the final details. At the training tomorrow various people won't have read the details. Keep quiet and let them figure out that there's something a bit different....

=Travel and Location

==Car Parking

See the WAOC 'website' for details of the car parking. Note that the meeting point is in the wrong place. In order to avoid entering the competition area, please follow the taped route from the car-park to the assembly area.

==Cycle Parking

Cycle parking is available close to here. Please use the official bike-parking racks provided by the University.

==Assembly area

The assembly area is approximately here.


There will be two starts.

The 'East start' is 50m west of the assembly area

The 'West start' is 30m east of the assembly area


All the courses will use a common last control for 'spectator interest'.

In a similar style to the O-Ringen there will be multiple finish boxes. Somewhere on your map there will be a 'sponsors' logo. You will need to visit the finish labelled with the course 'sponsors' logo.

Compass Pint Inov9 Innominate PortIdent


Scale 1:3,000. A reminder of some important symbols:

Do not cross these


In the case of sunny weather, waterproof jackets and hats may be compulsory. Jackets which are windproof, but not waterproof are not sufficient, and you will not be allowed to start.

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