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2018-2019 Committee



Jeremy Knott (men)

The job of the Captain is primarily to nag the members of the committee to make sure that they are keeping on top of their roles and to chair committee meetings. Specific jobs include planning/organising Cuppers, the Intro-O and the May Week race, and filling in reports on club activities for other organisations. The job is not usually that time consuming, but the Captain must be willing to assume responsibility for other roles in the committee should that be necessary.

Women's Captain


Fiona Bunn (women)

The women's captain does the same job as the men's captain, but picks the women's teams for Varsity and BUCS.

Senior Treasurer

Prof. Peter Haynes

Prof. Peter Haynes is the senior treasurer of the orienteering club

Junior Treasurer


Aidan Rigby (treasurer)

The responsibility of the Junior Treasurer is to account for all financial transactions within the club, such as keeping tabs on all creditors, debtors and balances. A job suitable for folk with number affinity and self-discipline.



James Ackland (secretary)

The first point of contact if you're not sure who best to talk to within the club. Also acts as BOF liaison, and deals with the agendas and minutes at committee meetings. Basically a job with lots of prestige, but not too much work!

Social Secretary


Elizabeth Bedwell (social)

This involves arranging ad-hoc outings to pubs and organising socials such as The Dinnercrawl. This job is cool; if you like getting out and chilling, this is for you.

Training officer


Lily Alger (training)

The training officer coordinates weekly training sessions, organising planners for technical sessions and making sure that circuits and intervals happen.

Training Tour Officer


Aidan Rigby

The training tour officer is responsible for organising the annual Training Tour at the end of Michaelmas. This year it's going to be in the Lake District, and is going to be amazing!

Mapping officer


Emma Crickmore (mapping)

The Mapping officer has the responsibilty of keeping the maps of CUOC's areas up-to-date. On a yearly basis this normally involves minor updates on the maps to be used for the City Race and Icenian but can also involve larger re-mapping work, depending on the need and/or the level of keeness! CUOC has all it's maps in OCAD format and a license for OCAD 8 for doing re-mapping work.

Technology officer


Rowan Lee (webmaster)

Being a technology officer means managing the CUOC website and the CUOC email lists.



Jonathan Mortlock

The quartermaster is responsible for the club stores, and club clothing.

Development and publicity


Paul PruĹžina (publicity)

The Development & Publicity officer oversees recruitment (and retention!) of new orienteers and ensures that the club is well presented in all communications. The job involves making fliers, videos and other publicity materials, and annoying the rest of the committee by being pedantic about their emails.

Safety and Welfare officer


Helen Ockenden (safety)

Helen is the club's safety officer. She makes sure people are well and only do stupid things in a safe manner

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Cambridge University Orienteering Club

Cambridge University Students' Union

17 Mill Lane



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