Churchill Adventure Race

NameChurchill Adventure Race
TypeWed Training Night
LocationChurchill (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
NotesChristmas fun

To start we have some Orienteering GPS art with the compulsory Christmas theme! Two courses - one which creates a shape of a Christmas tree and one which makes a Santa hat. But (as ever!) there’s a catch… more on the night!

Then we move over to the second part of the evening – ElfO (VampireO, but by it’s Christmas name). 2 rounds – essentially this is a score competition, except there’s a couple of naughty elves out on the course, identifiable by red lights. If you get tagged by an Elf, then you must hand your map (and thus progress round the course) over to the Elf, you take up the reins as elf (yes, that was a sleigh reference there!). First back wins. And then we do it all over again… but as ever, there’s a twist…

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