South Cambridge

NameSouth Cambridge
TypeWed Training Night
LocationSouth Cambridge (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
NotesWednesday Training
LinksMap available here

One course made into four:

Normal long course 6.3km (running distance 10km)

Normal short course 3.3km (running distance approximately 5km)

Mixed up map long course 6.3km

Mixed up map short course 3.3km

Mixed up maps are copies of the normal courses with the map divided into segments and reorientated. Controls are to be run in order but you will need to find where on the sheet the next section of the map is.

Coaching points: Folding, thumbing, orientating map as well as planning ahead (try not to end up at a standstill at any point!).

Please be respectful of pedestrians, dog walkers and cyclists, and be especially careful crossing road.

The normal courses can be run as a MapRun. Maps are available at {{link|}}

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