Lammas Land Freshers' Orienteering

NameLammas Land Freshers' Orienteering
LocationLammas Land (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
NotesCome and try orienteering!

Come and try orienteering with Cambridge University Orienteering club. There will be 4 different courses to try in the central location of Lammas land, no experience necessary. A club member will be around to explain the basics. Trainers/sports shoes recommended.

Covid19: YOU MUST SIGN UP IN ADVANCE ON THIS FORM. Please only sign up once you know you will be able to attend at a specific time 🙂

Do not attend the freshers' event if you have had any confirmed or suspected Covid19 symptoms in the last 14 days.

Please do not approach the start if you can see that there are six or more people there already.

Once on the course, you will be by yourself in the open park.

All courses will be printed on one map to avoid map sharing.

Hand sanitiser will be available.

Courses will be marked out by flags, but there will be no SI electronic punching.

We will keep a list of all attendees for 21 days after the event.

No free cake this year 🙁

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