Freshers Event 2019

NameFreshers Event 2019
LocationLammas Land (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
NotesIntroduction to CUOC and Orienteering!
LinksFacebook event

All welcome! Come and try orienteering in a central location near to the centre of town. Turn up any time between 1 and 4pm. Trainers advised.

Free cake...

We look forward to welcoming lots of new members to the club this year, from newcomers to the sport to experienced orienteers.

The Freshers event will be run as a come and try it session on 13th October at Lammas land, and is completely FREE. Free orienteering, free fun, free cake....what more could you want! Bring your friends and challenge each other to see who can race one of the 4 courses on offer in the quickest time. Turn up and try it out anytime between 13:00 and 16:00.

For those that want to learn a bit more about the sport, there are some good resources for all levels of athlete at the Better Orienteering website, and we will have some of our experienced members on hand to help you get started and learn the basics.

See you all there!

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