Bar Hill Training

NameBar Hill Training
TypeWed Training Night
LocationBar Hill (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
NotesWed Training + MapRun event
LinksWAOC website
Please bring a GPS-enabled smartphone (Android or Apple) with the MapRun app installed

This will be our inaugural MapRun event; it may also be an interesting learning experience for us all!

To save time, please download the free MapRun app onto your phone (Android or Apple) beforehand and configure your personal details within it. If you have mobile data on your phone, you can download the course on the day just before starting. If you do not have mobile data, we may need to come up with some alternative arrangement (for example, it should be possible to publish the course in advance, but protect it with a PIN so that you can use your home wifi to download the course). Please check back for details nearer the time. You do NOT need data enabled (or even a SIM) to actually run the course.

The event will be run as a score course with a fixed time-limit (to be determined, probably 45 minutes). There will be a penalty for each part-minute you are late; this may be sizeable. When you reach a control, your phone will beep/vibrate. See here for guidance on carrying your phone. The Start/Finish are also detected using GPS, so you must NOT approach the start before you are ready. Nor must you run near the Finish mid-course. Courses will be planned to allow for this.

If you do not have a smartphone or do not wish to use it, the course can still be run against the clock. However, there may not be any scoring under such circumstances (it may be admissible to use a GPS trace from a watch, but we will see).

Please note that after the event, the course will be open to everyone (but you would need to print your own map) and will include full results and route analysis. Therefore, even if you are not available on 8th May, you may take part and compete at your own convenience.

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