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More details will be added to this page as they become available. These details are correct as of: 11/10/2019


It gives CUOC great pleasure to invite you to the sixth Cambridge City Race, which will be held around the city centre and urban streets in the north of Cambridge.


Entries are live on SIEntries

CategoryBefore 8th OctoberAfter 8th OctoberEntry on the DayNon-BOF Member surcharge

Entry on the day maps will be allocated from enquiries on a first come first served basis, so arrive early to avoid disappointment if you miss online entry.


The following courses will be available, following the British Orienteering guidelines for Urban races.

In line with British Orienteering rules, juniors under the age of 16 must run course 6/7, which do not cross any roads with significant traffic. Course 7 does not cross any roads and is TD2 standard.

A previous version of the details said course 1 had over 30 controls, exceeding the capacity of some older SI cards. THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE.
A previous version of the details said the course for class W75+ (Women’s Hypervet) was Course 6. This is no longer the case, and the Women’s Hypervet course is now course 5.

Course lengths and control numbers are subject to change.

CourseClassLengthControlsMap Size
1Men’s Open6.232A3
2Women Open, M40+5.526A3
3W40+, M55+4.727A3
4W55+, M65+4.121A3
5W65+, M75+, W75+3.218A3


Scale: 1:5000, drawn to ISSOM standards. No contours.

Roadworks and other alterations can appear at short notice and may not be mapped.

The area has been mapped according to ISSOM 2007. It is the competitors' responsibility to ensure they are familiar with these standards. A legend is available on the Maprunner website. Please make sure you are familiar with the 'Forbidden to cross' symbols. This may represent a high wall, a low boundary or a gate/entrance which we do not have permission to use. You must not cross these features even if it is possible to do so. There will not be a legend on the map. Construction sites are mapped with a solid purple fill and purple border and are strictly out of bounds. Especially note the symbols for Uncrossable Boundary, Impassable Vegetation, Forbidden Access and Construction Works. Do not cross these symbols.

Maps will be printed on waterproof paper


The city race this year is making use of fantastic new areas in the North of the city. Whilst all senior courses will still visit the intricate city centre all will visit technical streets providing great “sprint-style” terrain near the end of the courses. Courses 1-6 will mostly be on paved surfaces, but you should be prepared for some controls on soft ground. Normal running shoes are recommended, and metal-spiked shoes must not be worn. Course 6 will visit traffic calmed streets and will not cross any major roads. Course 7 will be in parkland and does not cross any roads.


09:30 - Assembly Opens

10:30 and 13:30 - Start Times (There will also be a punching start available to allow for delays in transport to the assembly area, but late starters may have a long wait)

15:30 - Courses Close

15:30 or shortly thereafter - Prizegiving

17:00 Assembly closes


This year the city race assembly will be based on Midsummer Common near the Fort St. George pub, Cambridge CB4 1HA. Grid Reference: TL 45469 59276.

The assembly area will be open from 09:30.

Enquiries, download, and SI collection will be located in the Fort St George. The Fort St George will make its toilets available for us. Please use toilets in the separate building by the bridge, rather than the ones inside the pub itself.

A store for small valuables (keys, wallet) will be provided but space is limited. All items are left at the owner's risk. Bags can be left in the assembly area but this is also at the owner's risk.

We hope that Compass Point Orienteering Shop will be in attendance.


We highly recommend using Cambridge's public transport system to access the assembly area:


Cambridge is well served by five park and ride bus routes. The two most convenient routes are from:

Madingley Road Park and Ride.

Get off at the end of Jesus Lane/Belmont Lane stop and turn left down Victoria Avenue at the Four Lamps Roundabout. The walk is 350m.

Milton Park and Ride.

Get off at Midsummer Common/Jesus College stop and walk back along the road towards the river. The walk is 300m

All the other park and rides go to Drummer St. bus station, from which there will be a signed route to the assembly area. Other local buses also serve Drummer Street bus station. Longer distance bus and coach services stop at Parkside coach stop. The walk to Assembly from Drummer St. is approximately 800m, and from Parkside is about 1km.


Cambridge has good rail connections to London and elsewhere. The assembly area is 2.7km from Cambridge train station, or 3.1 km from Cambridge North train station. We are advised that there may be some disruption to train services coming from Ely due to works at Waterbeach and Ely stations. There will be rail replacement bus services in these instances.


We wouldn’t advise it, but If you want to drive into the city centre, the nearest multi-storey is the Park Street car park CB58AS. Please be warned that this car park can be extremely busy on Saturday mornings. Exit the car park and walk straight down lower park street, past the start, and across Jesus Green to the assembly. This is 600m walk.


Start is a 400m walk from Assembly. Leave plenty of time to warm up and get to the start. Parents should assist juniors in crossing the busy Victoria Ave. at the traffic lights adjacent to assembly on the way to the start.

Start times will be between 10.30 and 13.30. If you miss your start time we will give you the next free slot but you might have a long wait.

There will be a warm-up area at the start.

Call up is 4 minutes before your start time. Loose control descriptions will be provided in the start lanes. Please pay attention to start officials, who will have the most up to date safety information.

On the long beep, you must dib the start control, because it is NOT SIAC enabled. You may then pick up your map. Competitors should check they have the correct map before leaving the start area.


All competitors must punch the finish control and then proceed to download. The final control will NOT be SIAC enabled.

All competitors must download. This is a safety check and failure to download may result in a search party being sent to look for you.

The download and assembly is 150m from the finish through the park.

Courses close at 15.30 and controls may be removed from this time. If you are still on the course at 15.30 please return to the assembly area to download. Please be aware of the time - especially if you have a late start time.

Please don't show your map to competitors who have yet to run.


CUOC’s sponsor KanPas has kindly provided prizes in the form of 50% off vouchers for the winners of the men’s and women’s open. And there are 150 promotional 15% off vouchers for the first 150 people to download.



Parents should inform juniors of the relevant safety practices.

Roads and traffic

Be very careful when crossing roads as traffic will be present. Stay on pavements other than when crossing is necessary. Cyclists are extremely dangerous – assume they are not aware of the highway code or one way streets. You should watch out for undertaking and overtaking when crossing roads at any point including pelican crossings and be prepared to give way, even on pavements. Please be respectful and careful of pedestrians, and slow down around blind corners to avoid pedestrian collisions.

The traffic lights are very responsive, so do not be tempted to cross without waiting for the lights.

Please be mindful that Saturday lectures will be taking place in some parts of the map. There is a sudden increase of pedestrian and bike number before and after each lecture.

Water features

Courses may pass near the River Cam and other deep water features on Coe Fen. Please be vigilant around these areas.


There are cows on Midsummer Common. Please be mindful of them, as they could cause serious injury, though in practice they are very docile and used to runners and cyclists passing by on a daily basis.


Full leg cover is not required - shorts may be worn, but dress appropriately for the weather. Metal-spiked shoes are not allowed.

First Aid and emergency contact

First aid will be available in the assembly area. Please make contact with a race official if you require first aid treatment. Race co-ordinator James Ackland can be reached on his mobile phone at +44 7904 482 425. The nearest hospital with an emergency department is Addenbrooke's, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ. In the case of a serious incident whilst out on the course, please seek help from a college porter.


One of the great draws of the Cambridge City Race is the opportunity to race around the university. If you are interested in going back around the city at a slower pace after your race, the university has a map that highlights the attractions, especially the colleges:

Please note that some colleges charge for entry, or have restrictions on non-student entry. Colleges near to the event centre that are free to enter include: Jesus, Sidney Sussex, and Emmanuel.


Steve Rush of BOK Photos will be taking pictures, which will be uploaded to the event facebook page and posted online afterwards. There may also be a number of official CUOC photographers taking pictures for the club to be published only by CUOC following the race and for future club publicity. If you wish not to appear in such photography, please leave a note at enquiries.


Organiser: Tsz Lo Fong (CUOC)

Planner: Aidan Rigby (CUOC)

Co-ordinator: James Ackland (CUOC)


Any queries to the City Race team at (cityrace2019). To email the City Race team, append to the text in brackets. Alternatively, get in touch with the race organiser at tlf26[at] and/or the coordinator by email at captain[at]

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