Coton Training

NameCoton Training
TypeWed Training Night
LocationCoton (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)

TomRail services on 2016-05-11 will operate as follows

Jesus College 18:05
Jesus Green Station 18:25
Clare Colony Central Station 18:27 18:28
Garrett Hostel Lane / Trinity Lane junction 18:10x
CMS 18:12A
West Cambridge Site 18:33
University Sports Centre 18:17xr 18:18x
Coton Countryside Reserve 18:25 18:30 18:40


A - Operated by wheel-less vehicle

r - Stop requested

x - Request stop

The train will leave no earlier / later than the times given above, Pre-booking is essential, as if there are no booked tickets the train will not stop (and will bypass the sports centre).

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