Wandlebury Training

NameWandlebury Training
TypeWed Training Night
LocationWandlebury (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
NotesYellow course training

=Bike Train

A service operated by TomRail will be in operation

17:47North Court Staircase W, Jesus College
17.52Christ's Plodge
18.07Earl of Derby Pub/Railway Bridge
18.25ishWandlebury Country Park

=Running train

If the train is early it will wait until the advertised departure time

17:47 10.3 km Fort St George map
17:56 8.5 km Panton Street N End map
18:05 6.8 km Clare College Sportsground map
18:15 4.8 km Francis Crick Avenue map
18:28 2.3 km Cherry Hinton Rd map
18:40 0.0 km Wandlebury Country Park map
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