Icenian 2019


NameIcenian 2019
LocationWormley Wood
Race ID68389
NotesCUOC race


CUOC invites you to The Icenian 2019 on the 9th February 2019. The race will be held at Broxbourne and Wormley Woods near Broxbourne. It also incorporates the first English Universities Orienteering Cup (EUOC).


A full range of colour coded courses from White to Black will be available.


SI punching will be used.


Before 9th January£3£6£9
Before 2nd February£4£7£10
Entry on the day£5£8£11

Non-BOF/SOA members pay £1 extra, SI hire is £1.

Entries will open shortly on PLEASE NOTE there will be two different entry forms, one for general entry, and one for EUOC entrants. Students not participating in EUOC should use the general entry form and pay fees as a junior or senior, not the student rate.


Wormley and Broxbourne Woods were last used in 2014. (Map here). CUOC thank CHIG for their provision of a high quality area for this year's Icenian, and thank Hertfordshire Country Council, The Woodland Trust and Gascoyne Estates for permissions.

English Universities Orienteering Cup (EUOC)

The English Universities Orienteering Cup is the biggest inter-university competition in England in 2019! The rules for the inaugural EUOC are as follows and have been formulated to give smaller university clubs a relatively equal footing. Teams are of 4 members running for the same university club, and are comprised of men and women even though they run different courses. Points are equal to the finishing position of the competitor. Note that while the Brown and Black Icenian courses are identical to the women's and men's EUOC courses, the start lists and results will be separate such that a EUOC competitor's points only depend on the results of other EUOC competitors. The team score is the sum of the 4 individuals' scores. Teams are not declared before the race but rather are formed retrospectively such that the 4 lowest point scores of each university form their A team, the next 4 their B team and so on. Male counters must run the men's course, and Female counters must run the women's course. The team with the the lowest team score wins.

For example if XUOC has runners finishing 2nd, 5th and 16th in the Men's race and 1st, 7th, 8th, 19th and 24th in the Women's race then XUOC A scores 15 points (comprised of men's 2nd and 5th, and women's 1st and 7th) and XUOC B scores 67 points (comprised of men's 16th, and women's 8th, 19th and 24th). In the case that two teams have an equal points total, the winner will be determined by the team with the lowest scoring individual. In the case that two teams have an equal points total comprised of runners finishing in the same positions, the result will be declared a draw. In the case that a team's 4th and 5th best results are the same (e.g. both finished 14th on Men's and Women's respectively), the runner with the shorter race time will be included in the A team.


More details to follow in due course.

Any queries to Euan Tebbutt and James Ackland at (icenian). To email the Icenian team, append to the text in brackets.

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