Icenian 2019

NameIcenian 2019
LocationWormley Wood (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
Race ID68389
NotesCUOC race
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Thanks to all who attended the Icenian 2019 and EUOC. Congratualtions to TVOC and CUOC respectively for winning the two team competitions.

Results etc. are now available above.

Maps can be downloaded here:

Please note these files are quite large, so will need a reasonable internet signal and patience to download, and may not work on phones.


The organiser would like to thank the competitors who helped another competitor during the race. She writes: "Having stepped into sloshy mud, I found myself in a spot of bother trying to get back on terra firma during today's race.

Luckily 4 (or maybe even more) competitors came to my rescue. They all gave up their race without hesitation to get me out of my sticky situation.

I do not know who they are: one young woman wore a Bristol Uni top, there was a gentleman with a blue top and another young woman (fast runner) and gentleman (wearing a white or yellow top?)

I am very grateful for their help - please pass on my gratitude to these wonderful people."

Planners Report

The Icenian 2019 was held on the 9th February 2019 at Broxbourne and Wormley Woods. Prior to the event Broxbourne Woods had been difficult to obtain permissions for, but on this occasion, we had no problems at all. The forest authorities for Wormley and Bencroft Woods were also very helpful.

The walk to the South start from parking followed a busy and dangerous road, and it proved very difficult to persuade competitors to get their feet wet on the taped route rather than stick to the dry tarmac road just a few metres away. Competitors who chose to use the road did so entirely at their own risk and discretion, and we discouraged this behaviour whenever it was noticed. However, we should have looked for a more appealing route to the start that would have dissuaded competitors from using the road.

The courses were largely well received, though the planner accepts that the first leg on the Green course afforded competitors too much time to plan ahead, thus diminishing the technical challenge of the rest of the course. The timed-out crossing, though unavoidable, did tend to break up the course more than we would have liked. We received no complaints about control hanging.


Icenian Trophy rules are here. EUOC rules are here.


CUOC thank CHIG for their provision of a high quality area for this year's Icenian, and thank Gascoyne Estates, Hertfordshire Country Council, The Woodland Trust, and Paradise Wildlife Centre for permissions.


Organiser: Euan Tebbutt (CUOC)

Planner: James Ackland (CUOC)

Controller: Mike Bennett (HH)

Mapping: CUOC


More details to follow in due course.

Any queries to Euan Tebbutt and James Ackland at (icenian). To email the Icenian team, append to the text in brackets.

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