Varsity Match 2014

NameVarsity Match 2014
LocationHellasgarden, Stockholm (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
ResultsResults Relays

=Plan for the week

TuesdayArrive in Stockholm
WednesdayTraining and a race
FridayModel Race
SaturdayClassic Race - Remote start with quarantine, finishing at club hut
SundayRelays & Banquet
MondayHangover Hash and depart Stockholm

OK Ravinen club hut


Accommodation will be on the floor in the OK Ravinen club hut, and will cost 10 SEK per person per night (~£1). Bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat.


There will be black tie banquet on Sunday evening - large Smörgåsbord. Cost will be around £35.00. All CUOC, OUOC, DRONGO and JOK are invited. The banquet will be held over the road from the OK Ravinen Hut.

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