Varsity Match 2008

NameVarsity Match 2008
LocationUppsala - Sweden
Notes25-30th March
LinksLunsen Map


14 CUOC members competed in the technically intricate forests of Uppsala, Sweden. We had two days training before the match to get into the Swedish terrain, about as far from the flat forrests of Thetford, East Anglia as you can get! In the Men's VM Ben Stevens, Trinity Hall, was only 10 minutes down on the WOC medalist David Andersson (running as a guest) taking 2nd place to Oxford's Joe Mercer. The Oxford team's previous experiance in the tricky Scandinavian area won them the day, they took a clean sweep of the honours in both the mens and womens races.

Emma Yeoman, Liv Thorne, Huw Grange and Yuki Tamura deserve a special mention as all finished A courses despite being with the club for less than a year.

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