18:30Give it a go: Lammas Land / Coe FenLammas LandCome and try orienteering!
18:30Fresher training: West CambridgeWest CambridgeWednesday Training
18:30Fresher event: Lucy Cavendish and Castle Hill (& St Edmunds)Lucy CavendishMapRun
18:30Fresher training: ChurchillChurchill CollegeWednesday Training
10:30Cambridge City Race 2023Cambridge8th edition of the Cambridge City Race
18:30Sidgwick Site and University LibrarySidgwick siteWednesday Training
18:30HomertonHomerton CollegeWednesday Training
18:30North Cambridge (King’s Hedges)North CambridgeMapRun
18:30Therfield HeathTherfield HeathWednesday Training
18:30St John's MicrOSt John's CollegeChristmas fun
18:30Astronomy & Madingley RiseAstronomyTechnical training on a THURSDAY
 BUCS Individual (part of Midland champs)SandringhamInter Uni competition
 BUCS RelayTrumpingtonInter Uni competition


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