Fen Ditton StreetO Results

6km Course

1Tom Dobra38:44
2Jonathan Pye39:34
3Iain Stemp45:40
4Stephen Borrill45:58
5Maurice Hemingway47:37
6Gura Harstad49:14
7John Ockenden49:23
8Rakesh Chandrakar50:21
9Robin Bourne51:57
10Peter Duthie55:09
11Ian Lawson65:15

4km Course

1Jonathan Clark30:47
2Catherine Hemingway33:30
3Helen Bickle44:16
4Ursula Oxburgh73:19

Organiser's Comments

Thank you all for turning out despite the weather, although as it turned out it was pretty decent for running and keeping answer sheets in reasonable condition. Many thanks for the positive comments about the courses. I tried to make sure every leg had some route choice and by the sound of it that paid off with a complete mixture of routes taken.

There was some debate about the penultimate control (18 on the 6km and 12 on the 4km). Having resurveyed on the way home I would agree that the control circle was off by a few millimetres - which wouldn't have been that bad if it wasn't very close to a different lamppost on the same side of the street. As it happened that lamppost didn't have a number so everyone did actually get the intended lamppost number. In any case, many apologies for the ambiguity there.

Special thanks to Iain Stemp for running the somewhat boggy Junior course on the meadows and collecting all the controls at the same time. Saved me a lot of time and somewhat justified the effort in laying out the controls!

Next week it's skills training on Coe Fen, lead by Joe H from CUOC

Thanks again,