JK Long

Assorted CUOCs and DRONGOs

Today's long distance was at Beaudesert, where the DRONGO bunkhouse was located. This was a great advantage, because it meant that we had somewhere warm and inside to sit when it was cold outside, and there was plenty of tea (and cow juice, for those less enlightened individuals). The races were quite long, with the Men's elite being won in 99 minutes, and the women's in 75. The forest was a lot less clean than yesterday's, with lots of brashings and mud to tire us out, and lots of controls to make mistakes on

Aidan Rigby (CLOK) reaches for victory

Results are below:

FionaW20E1st1st overall

Well done James

A special mention should go to Fiona and Aidan for winning their classes, but seeing as they didn't run for CUOC and ditched us for their home clubs, the special mention goes to James Ackland for the best CUOC performance. Well done James.CUOC advises that in future, all CUOC members should enter under their real club, and cut all ties with the club they've been in for the past 18 years.

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